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Mozilla、Firefox Quantum(バージョン57)デスクトップ向け最新版をリリース。Chromeに負けない高速ブラウジングとUIの刷新

Mozillaは2017年11月15日、Windows、Mac、Linuxなどデスクトップ向けのWebブラウザFirefoxの定期的なメジャーアップデート版を「Firefox Quantum(バージョン57.0)」と命名し、リリースしました。

Firefox Quantumの目玉はなんといっても、その高速化されたブラウジング機能でしょう。処理速度は、半年前(3月29日)にリリースされたFirefox 52.0.2の2倍となりました。Mozillaでは、この高速化を可能としているFirefoxの新エンジンは、「1,000個のタブを開いたとしても応答性が高い」と豪語しています。

コンピューターがスムーズに動作するためのメモリ効率はGoogle Chromeより30%軽量化が図られています。これは、Google Chromeで度々もんだとなる多くのタブを開いている際のメモリ消費によるブラウジングの遅延がFirefox Quantumでは軽減されることを言いします。


Firefox Quantum(57.0)デスクトップ版の新しい機能


  • A completely new browsing engine, designed to take full advantage of the processing power in modern devices
  • A redesigned interface with a clean, modern appearance, consistent visual elements, and optimizations for touch screens
  • A unified address and search bar. New installs will see this unified bar. Learn how to add the stand-alone search bar to the toolbar
  • A revamped new tab page that includes top visited sites, recently visited pages, and recommendations from Pocket (in the US, Canada, and Germany)
  • An updated product tour to orient new and returning Firefox users
  • AMD VP9 hardware video decoder support for improved video playback with lower power consumption
  • An expanded section in preferences to manage all website permissions



  • Firefox now exclusively supports extensions built using the WebExtension API, and unsupported legacy extensions will no longer work. Learn more about our efforts to improve the performance and security of extensions
  • The browser’s autoscroll feature, as well as scrolling by keyboard input and touch-dragging of scrollbars, now use asynchronous scrolling. These scrolling methods are now similar to other input methods like mousewheel, and provide a smoother scrolling experience
  • The content process now has a stricter security sandbox that blocks filesystem reading and writing on Linux, similar to the protections for Windows and macOS that shipped in Firefox 56
  • Middle mouse paste in the content area no longer navigates to URLs by default on Unix systems
  • Removed the toolbar Share button. If you relied on this feature, you can install the Share Backported extension instead.
  • Some older versions of the ATOK IME, including ATOK 2006, 2008, 2009 and 2010, can cause crashes and are therefore disabled on the Windows 64-bit version of Firefox Quantum. To fix those incompatibility issues, please use a newer version of ATOK or one of other IMEs.
  • The default font for Japanese text is now Meiryo


  • Complete visual refresh of both the Light and Dark DevTools themes, matching the new visual style of Firefox Quantum
  • The Inspector shows the values of CSS variables on hover
  • Completely new and re-designed Console panel. Joining the Debugger and the Network Monitor, the Console has been rewritten using modern web technologies such as React and Redux. It now also allows to inspect objects in context.


  • Users running Firefox for Windows over a Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) may find that audio playback is disabled due to increased security restrictions. Learn how to mitigate this issue until it is corrected in an upcoming release
  • Users running screen readers may experience performance issues and are advised to use Firefox ESR until performance issues are resolved in an upcoming future release
  • On Windows and Linux, Firefox crashes occasionally on Intel Broadwell-U processors with old microcode. Windows users should ensure Windows Update is set to install updates. Linux users should ensure that the distribution package for Intel microcode is installed.

Mozillaは、6〜8週間隔で新しいFirefoxのバージョンをリリースしています。Windows、Mac、Linuxなどのデスクトップ向け次期メジャー・アップデート版「Firefox 58」は2018年1月23日(火)のリリース予定となっています。

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