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「OmniFocus 2 2.7」Mac向け最新版をリリース。不具合の修正やいくつかの改善

The Omni Groupは、タスク管理アプリOmniFocus 2がアップデートし、Mac向け最新バージョン「OmniFocus 2 2.7」をリリースしました。


OmniFocus 2 2.7 (¥4,800)
カテゴリ: 仕事効率化,ビジネス
販売元: The Omni Group – The Omni Group(サイズ: 28.33 MB)
全てのバージョンの評価: (70件の評価)

「OmniFocus 2 2.7」の新機能

This release adds the ability to specify an encryption passphrase separate from your sync password. Don’t set a separate passphrase until you are running at least OmniFocus 2.16 on all of your iOS devices and OmniFocus 2.7 on all of your Macs.

• Encryption — We added the ability to set a separate encryption passphrase, and to revert to using the sync password for encryption. You’ll find these options in Synchronization Preferences.
• Database Migration — Fixed several problems with the database migration flow.

This release also updates OmniFocus for Mac’s pasteboard format to match the TaskPaper format used by OmniFocus for iOS and makes other improvements to sharing and exporting:

• Pasteboard Format — OmniFocus for Mac now uses the same TaskPaper Text format as OmniFocus for iOS.
• Export — Updated our old plain-text exporter to use the newer TaskPaper logic from copy/paste. Updated the TaskPaper exporter to stop skipping group headers and their children, so you can export things like your Forecast list.
• Copy/Paste — Add a hidden preference to omit TaskPaper tags when copying:
To reset, use:
• Share — We now use the TaskPaper format for sharing.
• Export — OmniFocus now exports to its own .ofocus-backup file format.

There are more changes in OmniFocus 2.7, including a change to Push and two new localizations:

• macOS Sierra — Fixed several problems when running on the new OS.
• Push — Apple now allows all Mac apps to use their push service, so as of this release we are routing all sync pushes through those servers instead of our own.
• Toolbar — The Focus button is added to the Toolbar when you purchase Pro, regardless of whether you have previously customized your Toolbar.
• Help — Find once again searches the help.
• Crash — Fixed a crash clicking a note or attachment
• Scrolling — Fixed some problems with scrolling long lists in response to various user actions.
• Mail Drop — Fixed a problem where attachments with non-ascii characters in their names would be missing their contents once imported.
• Preferences — New Preferences icons!
• Action Groups — Fixed a problem where setting a defer date did not change the availability of its children.
• Layout — Fixed several problems with truncation, row height, and clipping in Custom Columns view.
• Localizations — Added Brazilian Portuguese and Korean. Please let us know if you come across any remaining localization omissions or problems!不明な点やご意見などがございましたら、お気軽にお問い合わせください。The Omni Group は無料の技術サポートを提供しております。メール(omnifocus@omnigroup.com)、お電話(1–800–315–6664 または 1–206–523–4152)、または Twitter(@OmniFocus)でお問い合わせください。

OmniFocus がお客様のお役にたちましたら、ぜひ App Store でのレビュー投稿をお願いいたします。お客様からいただいたレビューは、他の人々に OmniFocus を検討していただく上で役立ちます。


OmniFocus 2 2.7 (¥4,800)
カテゴリ: 仕事効率化,ビジネス
販売元: The Omni Group – The Omni Group(サイズ: 28.33 MB)
全てのバージョンの評価: (70件の評価)

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