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iOS 12 beta 3の新機能と変更点をまとめた動画を公開【Video】

Appleは本日7月4日、iPhone、iPadおよびiPod touch向けオペレーティングシステム「iOS 12」3度目となるベータ版「iOS 12 Beta 3」が開発者向けにリリースされました。

EverythingAppleProでは、いつものようにさっそくリリースに合わせて、新しい機能や変更点についてまとめた「iOS 12 Beta 3! New Maps + 45 Features & Changes!」と題する動画をYouTubeにて公開しています。

1.The Wallpaper Gradient Is Back!?

2.Longer Delay When Locking Device

3.Altered DNDDB Texe ON Lock Screen Prompt

4.Do Not Disturb Prompt Easier To Distinguish From Background

5.More Agressive Blur In Control Center Background

6.Larger ‘X’ In Clear Button

7.New Bounce Animation For ‘Clear All Notifications’

8.Clear All Button Can Be ‘3D Touched’ By Holding On All Non 3D Touch Devices

9.Long Carrier Names Now Scroll In Status Bar On X

10.Full Control Center When Invoked From Reachability

11.New Apple Maps Data Active Now!

12.Streets Being Updated Worldwide!

13.GPS Issues During Turn By Turn Resolved

14.More Compact Notification Options

15.Notifications Can Be Dismissed With Just One Slide Again

16.Mismatched Status Bar Heights Corrected
17.Do Not Disturb Mode Now Has a 3D Touch Platter!
18.Do Not Disturb Until I Leave This Location Option
19.New Activity Stickers Within Messages u/i ArmaniXlll
20.Tweaked Memoji Editor & Selections.Stretched Out,Larger
21.Handwriting Feedback Toggle In Notes Share Settings
22.Updated ‘Assign To Contact’ Share Settings Icon
23.Battery Monitoring Reflects Low Power Mode Now! u/shaemesrevolution
24.Sim Pin Page Now Appears Automatically After Restart
25.Share My Location Now In iCloud Account Settings
26.Siri Watch Face Only Featured In Watch App
27.New Face Time Effects Interface
28.Face Time Crashing Fixed!
29.CarPlay No Longer Resets When Going Into Reverse
30.iOS 12 Once Again Hints At Face ID Enabled iPads!
31.New Voice Memos Interface!
32.Search Tabs Option In iPad Safari App
33.Apps Not Optimized For 12.9 iPads Will Use Default Full Leyboard Now
34.iPad Navigation Bars Made Thicker
35.No More Limit On How Many Apps Can Be Open In Multitasking On iPad 6
36.Only iPad Pros Can Run 3 Apps Simultaneously Now
37.Ask Siri To Find An iPhone
38.Secret Camera Recording(Oversight)
39.Searching For An Artist In Safari Will Have Insta-Play Song Results
40.150MB Warning Reworded
41.Messages Suggests Choosing Photos When Relevant To Conversation
42.iOS 12 Phone Calls End INSTANTLY When You Press End
43.Sadly This New Phone Feature Was A Bug
44.Songs Now Randmized When Connect Via Bluetooth Enabled
45.Another Free Apple Music Trial Available After Updating
46.Live Listen Now Has Device Icon Next To Name



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