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Mozilla、Firefox 56.0デスクトップ向け最新版をリリース。

Mozillaは2017年9月29日、Windows、Mac、Linuxなどデスクトップ向けのメジャーアップデートとなる正式版「Firefox 56.0」をリリースしました。


今回のアップデートでは、正式にスクリーンショット機能「Firefox Screenshots」が利用できるようになり、閲覧ページを他の端末と簡単に共有できる機能「Send Tabs」をはじめとする便利な機能が追加されました。

Firefox 56.0 デスクトップ版の新しい機能


  • Launched Firefox Screenshots, a feature that lets users take, save, and share screenshots without leaving the browser
  • Added support for address form autofill (en-US only)
  • Updated Preferences
    • Added search tool so users can find a specific setting quickly
    • Reorganized preferences so users can more easily scan settings
    • Rewrote descriptions so users can better understand choices and how they affect browsing
    • Revised data collection choices so they align with updated Privacy Notice and data collection strategy
  • Media opened in a background tab will not play until the tab is selected
  • Improved Send Tabs feature of Sync for iOS and Android, and Send Tabs can be discovered even by users without a Firefox Account


  • Replaced character encoding converters with a new Encoding Standard-compliant implementation written in Rust
  • Added hardware acceleration for AES-GCM
  • Updated the Safe Browsing protocol to version 4
  • Reduced update download file size by approximately 20 percent
  • Improved security for verifying update downloads



  • Startup crash with RelevantKnowledge adware installed. Firefox Support has helpful instructions to remove it.
  • Users running Firefox for Windows over a Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) may find that audio playback is disabled due to increased security restrictions. Learn how to mitigate this issue until it is corrected in an upcoming release
  • Startup crashes with 64-bit Firefox on Windows 7, for users of Lenovo’s “OneKey Theater” software for IdeaPad laptops. To fix this crash, please re-install 32-bit Firefox.
  • Due to a bug in Mac OS X High Sierra, fullscreen mode has some issues

Mozillaは、6〜8週間隔で新しいFirefoxのバージョンをリリースしています。Windows、Mac、Linuxなどのデスクトップ向け次期メジャー・アップデート版「Firefox 57」は名称を「Firefox Quantum」に変更し、2017年11月14日(火)のリリース予定となっています。

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